How Works for Users Under 13

At, we believe everyone — including kids under 13 — deserves a private and fun place to connect with the people, ideas and things they love.

In order to welcome users under 13, Jet must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a federal law designed to protect kids online. Per COPPA, a child can sign up for Jet but must be approved by his/her parent before accessing the app.

To make the approval process as quick and secure as possible, we created a companion app to Jet called Jet Parent*. Parents or guardians must download Jet Parent to approve their child to use Jet. Then, parents can set permissions for each child such as approving friend requests and managing notifications.

How the approval process works:

▷ Your child signs up for Jet and provides his/her birthday

▷ For anyone under 13, Jet requires a parent or guardian email

▷ You receive an approval email with a unique access code for your child

▷ You download Jet Parent and create an account

▷ You approve your child to use Jet by entering his/her access code, which instantly locks your two accounts together

▷ Your child is approved and you become his/her first friend on Jet

▷ You can set permissions for your child including approving friend requests and receiving notifications

▷ Your Jet Parent credentials also work on Jet, where you can share and message with your child as well as other friends and family

With Jet Parent, you get:

▷ Peace-of-mind knowing you control your child’s friend list, removing or reporting friends at any time

▷ The convenience of managing accounts for multiple children in one place

▷ Notifications that make it easier to keep up with your child’s activity

There are lots of social apps out there and kids are joining, often by lying about their age and connecting with strangers. We designed Jet to let kids be themselves and connect with the people and content they love. If you have questions or comments, tap Feedback in either or Jet Parent or contact us.  Learn more about COPPA here.

* Jet and Jet Parent are currently available on iOS only, but you can install both apps on a single device, e.g., an iPod touch or iPhone. Jet Parent costs $.99 which fulfills a COPPA requirement of verifying parental identity through a credit card transaction.